Here Come the Spuds!

The volunteer farmers at First Fruits Farm have been preparing the fields, ordering seeds, and servicing the farming equipment in anticipation of the upcoming season.  We can’t wait to see what God has in store!

In the following video clips, Rick Bernstein takes us on a brief tour of the potato equipment and describes the potato planting process.

In the first clip, Rick shows us the new potato cutter and describes how it will increase efficiency and yield this season.

Rick goes on to show us the potato planter that he and the other farmers will use to sow the potatoes in the fields.

Next, we see the new potato hiller, which will protect and nurture the potatoes and further increase yield.

Rick then shows us the potato harvester and describes how it digs up the potatoes and consolidates them into rows so volunteers can bag them and load them into bins.

Finally, Rick talks about processing the potatoes, transporting the bags and bins to shelters and food banks around Central Maryland.